Freshman Guidelines

Safety tips:

Studying at Dalian city is safe, however do not let your guard down. First of all, do not carry too much money with you. For identification in Dalian City or in the Campus all you need to bring is your student ID card and a copy of your passport. Make sure to turn off all electrical powered equipment before you leave your room and be sure to keep you valuables in your room.
When traveling, pay attention to traffic safety. In China the right lane is the right of passage.
If anything is to happen out of campus, call the police and the international teachers immediately.

Emergency Contacts:
Police Department: 110
Fire Department: 119
Traffic Department: 122
Medical Department: 120

Dormitory Stay:

For students who will be staying in dormitory must act according to the dormitory policies.
During your studies, students who change their contact information (address, phone number, E-mail) must notify the teacher. Teachers will notify the students of any important notice or event through contact methods and in case of an emergency, teachers will be able to help.

On Campus Facilities:

Students may dine at cafeterias and canteens on campus. There are also restaurants however, the price is expensive. Convenient stores and shops are located on campus, where students can buy food and daily necessities. Service facilities are located around the “47 Square”. If you can't find it, you can look at maps of the campus.

Monetary and Banking:

In China the currency being used is RenMinBi (RMB). The currency unit are “Yuan”.
Yuan are known as Dollars from the U.S.
The banknotes are 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 Yuan.

Currency Exchange:

Pounds, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and other foreign currency can be converted into RMB. Bank of China’s self-service ATM machines and China Construction Bank self-service ATM machine are located near the supermarket on campus, you can check the renminbi exchange and deposit business. Please do not exchange money on street, as there could be economic loss. Money exchanging will require a passport. If there are any specific problems, Banks are located in Lushun. Bank of China, China Construction Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China can help with deposits, withdrawals and business. Opening an account will require your passport. In the banks, Foreign currencies such as pounds sterling, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian Dollar and the euro Total of 7 single currency can be directly deposited. The exact location of the Banks can be found on the map of Campus or the map of Beijing.

-Chinese Bank customer service phone: 95566
Website: http://
-China Industrial and Commercial Bank customer service phone: 95588
Website: http://
-CN/China Construction Bank customer service phone: 95533
Website: http:// www.ccb
-China Agricultural Bank customer service phone: 95599
Website: http://

Network Service:

Each dormitory room has internet interface, the Internet is very convenient. You can also go to the library internet cafe. If you need to apply for network services, you will need to bring your All-in-one card with you to register. Please go to the Network Center Bank Building for questions. In addition, the dormitory opened the wireless network service, if you are using a laptop, you can freely enjoy the network space. Below are some websites about anything related to foreign students, please check regularly:

-Dalian Medical University:
here is our school's portal, where you can easily find information on the various faculties.
-Dalian Medical College of International Education:
there are a lot of information for international students.
-Dalian Medical University Graduate School:
postgraduate education and training of the important notice, you should always look at the message here.
-Dalian Medical University Library:
you will find that the library is a treasure trove of good learning.
-China Scholarship Council:
content on Chinese government scholarships are here.

Post and Telecommunications:

* If you live on campus apartment, apartment staff will notify you if you have received any mail (if possible be letters, parcels or remittances).
* If you sent a registered letter or remittance: Please holding their valid documents (student ID card or passport) directly to the post office.

• Send your written correspondence address
If you wish to receive a letter from someone else, must take the exact address to tell them. Address General English or Chinese. Such as:
In Chinese:
大连医科大学 地址:中国•辽宁•大连市旅顺南路西段9号 邮政编码:116044

In English:
9 West Section, Lvshun South Road, Dalian, Liaoning Province, P. R. China

Post code: 116044

In China, the envelopes writing format is: the recipient's zip code, address, the name centered, sender's name, address, zip code below. Such as:

Travel in China:

Students on their spare time can travel abroad.
When traveling, be sure to bring your passport, and take good care of documents and valuables.
For tourist locations, be sure to choose the territory of China in areas open to foreigners. Without permission, Foreigners shall not be allowed to enter areas not open to foreigners. As a result of scientific research or academic needs, subject to special approval before entering areas are not open. Violation of these provisions, the public security organization will be based on "People's Republic of Aliens Act" shall be punished.
Travel only on weekends, holidays and vacations. Students cannot leave to travel during studying periods.
For travel information, you can go to the China National Tourism Administration of China Tourism Office online at
Dalian tourist map and description:

Local Transportation:

Schools buses outside the east gate through the city's blue buses are 7 yuan (attach one yuan insurance, voluntary purchase) per person, which will give direct access to the city's "Heishijiao" or "train station."
Dalian city conveniently by public transport vehicles to help a good stand, pay attention to traffic safety. Should pay special attention to safekeeping brought documents and belongings.
It is very convenient to take a taxi, taxi services are generally diurnal. Fare under a hiring mileage calculation, 2.00 yuan per kilometer. Taxis have a "TAXI" sign lights on the roof, car dashboard above the driver's oversight card photo, name, unit and monitor calls, taxi windshield will show an "empty (FOR HIRE)" logo,
When getting off the bus and paying the fee, the bus driver will give you a print invoice, you'd better keep the invoice, if there is an problems the invoice will give contact information to its company.
Campus bans motorcycles and electric cars. Non-license cars are not encourged to take.

Library Policies:

Dalian Medical Library is open to all students, with the All-in-one card you can borrow books in the library literature.
Books from the library, generally only borrow one month after the expiry need to apply for renewal procedures, renewal can be done at the library counter. If you are over the expired date of return, appropriate penalties will be execute.


According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, foreign students must purchase health insurance in China. School Registration will not be preceded without the purchase of health insurance.

Medical services:

The Dalian Medical University Hospital (located near the East Gate), the First Affiliated Hospital and Dalian Medical University Second Hospital can provide you good medical services. By holding a student card and a passport you can ask for service from the three hospitals. Need to be reminded that, because the school requires that all students must have medical insurance, so when visiting, students should pay special attention to their own health insurance coverage and use. Before treatment, and you should contact the insurance company (24-hour hotline :400-8105119 transit 1), Asked in detail about your medical insurance in China, in Dalian using methods and precautions, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the insurance contract execution for some of the details have to ask, such as whether the patient fee reimbursement, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Student Associations:

Students can actively participate in school and colleges organize various activities and events.
School year in March and September of each community will be recruiting new members. See their activities poster. You can join according to your own interests and hobbies, to participate in various community activities.
Fraternal organizations set up in the school students must submit a written application and approved by the school in the Chinese laws and regulations within the scope of activities, subject to the leadership and management.

Extracurricular activities:

International students in their spare time can organize various sports, visits and excursions in the International Office. Welcome students to participate, please pay close attention to the students of the faculty informed and actively participate.

College Division of Functions and Responsible for the teacher:

1, International Student Affairs Office:
Responsible for all levels of International Student Services and Management
Office: G301
Office Phone: 0411 -86110207 / 3
2, College Affairs Office:
Responsible for admissions, fees, visa and so on.
Office: G307
Office Phone: 0411 -86110202
3, Teaching Affairs Office:
Responsible for all teaching matters.
Office: G303
Office Phone: 0411 -86110200
4, Chinese Language and Culture center
Responsible for the research and teaching of Chinese language and Culture
Office: G313
Office Phone: 0411-86110201

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