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[ 2022-09-09 ]

All the Way, You and Me Together To all the international students in Dalian

Dear students:

I still remember when the novel coronavirus suddenly spread across China before the Spring Festival in 2020, we returned to the campus in a hurry from all over the country to face the coronavirus together. During that period, there was a shortage of supplies for epidemic prevention. Although I went to all the pharmacies around schoolon the New Year's Eve, the masks I purchased still could not meet people's needs, and one mask had to be worn for at least three or five days. At that time,we feellonely. Only our international students were on campus, and the school regularly purchased life supplies to guarantee our daily needs. At that time, we were united. You and teachers distributed supplies together, sent masks to other students who lived in Dalian together, cleaned up the garbage on the beach together, and flew kites together.... Our student also anonymously donated 500 precious masks that his father had mailed from Yemen to the college, with a bright five-star red flag neatly stacked on top of the box, which is deeply imprinted on my memory. Overcome difficulties together, let us form a deep friendship; connect heart together, let us no longer feel lonely.

No one could have imagined that the epidemic would span such a long time and extend to such a wide space and even affect the whole world. In the past two and a half years, we have experienced multiple rounds of COVID-19, and gone through the enclosed management, academic pressure, missing for relatives and erosion of loneliness. Every time I meet you on campus, I see your bright smiles, I know in those smiles, there are your courage and tenacity.

DMU very cares about all the international students in China, and makes every effort to provide the best support and help for us no matter from epidemic prevention supplies to daily life guarantee or from studies to psychology health. Near the eve of 2021 Spring Festival, PresidentZhao Jie visited international students who worked in clinical hospital and took a wonderful photo of “Cow” with us. On the New Year's Eve of 2022, Vice President Shao Shujuan came to the International Students'dorm and had a friendly chat with the students, which brought great warm to us. With the care and support from the university, everything will be better and better.

Recently, situation of epidemic prevention and control in Dalian is still grim.The bus stopped running, the campus implemented enclosed management, and the community where our students lived also carried out strictly regulation, once again, our lives were put on hold. In strict accordance with the requirements of the government and the university, the students fulfilled their personal prevention and control obligations, took the initiative to participate in nucleic acid testing, and reported relevant situation timely, you once again made your contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Dalian.We hope that all the students could keep the tenacity, like the Bamboo stick to the green hill by rooting in the boulder crack without any relax, and cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control policies. Insist following " Do Not Go Out of the House if Not Have to", do well in personal protection.

Dark clouds can not block the sun, life will finally return to normal. The common destiny let us share the same joys and sorrows, we move through crowds on busy streets together,we cross the mountains and seas together,and finally we will also go for a bright future together!

                                                                                                                                                  Your dean: Ryan

                                                                                                                                                   Sep 9th, 2022