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[ 2022-12-01 ]

Online Exam Guide for International Students (Second Edition)

Dear students:

All exams will be taken online this semester. Please read the following details carefully before the exam:

Ways of Taking Exams

1. After receiving the exam notice, students cannot directly click the exam link in the“Notice”. The exam link should be copied to WeChat or the address bar of your web browser. Students should make preparations in advance.If some questions need to be answered by taking pictures,only can use phone.

2. Students must input their student number, grade and full name before the exam begins.Papers without the number and name will be regarded as invalid.

3. There is a countdown of the exam time at the top of the exam interface. Please pay attention to the exam time.

II Notes for Exams

1. Do not switch the screen during the exams, otherwise the system will directly submit the examination paper;

2. One IP address can only be used once per exam (mobile phone or computer), otherwise the system will directly submit the examination paper;

3. If there is no special explanation on the way of answering questions, only text can be input and pictures are not allowed to be uploaded.

4. During the closed-book exam, it is forbidden to check books, discuss and consult any materials related to the exam; In the open-book exam, students can only use the study materials prepared by themselves. Discussion and Internet search are prohibited.

5. If cheating is found or the same exam paper is found, the score will be recorded as zero, the make-up examination qualification will be canceled and disciplinary measures will be given. If the circumstances are serious, the degree will be canceled;

6. If there is any problem after the exam, please contact your“teacher in charge”immediately. If the problem exceeds 7 days, the exam process will be considered as smooth and the problems will not be accepted.

7. The exam time cannot be changed without special reasons.

International Education College

Nov.4, 2020