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[ 2021-08-27 ]

Notice on Online Teaching Arrangements for International Students in the Autumn Semester of 2021

In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic onthe studies ofinternational students, the party-governmentmeeting ofInternationalEducationCollege has decided to adopt online teachingmethod for theautumn semester of 2021. The specific notice is as follows:


1. The courses scheduled for theautumn semester of the academic year 2021-2022(from September 6th ,2021toJanuary 14st, 2022) will be tentatively taught online.We mainly adoptthe methods of online teaching resources uploaded by teachers, online learning by students and online tutoring and answering questions by teachers.The classroom teaching mode will be resumedafter the beginning of the semester.TheCurriculumSchedule forInternationalStudents in theAutumn Semester of theAcademicYear 2021-2022 will be shown in International Students Teaching System from August 27th.Teachers will use interactive teachingnetwork platforms, such asRainClassroom、LitchiMicro-Class and Superstar.

II. Online Teaching Requirements

1. Students should prepare your own ipad or laptop (including headset) and ensure your network smooth.

2. Please select a class administrator for each class for the purpose of assisting teachers and faculty to complete the online teaching task. It is suggested that student unioncadre or the monitor serve as the class administrator,who should be responsible for establishing WeChat group for communication between teachers and students (one WeChat group for each course). The class administrator will establish direct contact with the teacher in charge of the course, andorganize classmates to participate in the course teaching andinteract with teachers according to the teacher’s requirements. Besides, the class administrator should cooperate with teachers to complete other learning related matters, including distributing the teaching materials forwarded by the teacher to all the students in the class and reminding everyone to studyand complete the test or homework as required. In addition, the class administrator needs to summarize relevant teaching problems in a timely manner and directly communicates with the teachers in charge of the course to solve them. The information of students who cannot study online should be summarized and reported to the management teacher of their grade. Students who are really unable to learn online due to equipment or network problemsout of university should finish online learning as soon as possible after entering the school, so as to keep up with the teaching progress of the course.

3. Students should arrange their own time tocomplete the learning content, quizzes or homework according to the teaching requirements of the schedule.Online Examinations will be arranged for all online courses in order to testtheir learning effect. Please take it seriously.

4. Problems encountered in the learning process shall be solved in the following order: try to solve by yourself,ask your classmates for help, communicatewith teachersin WeChat group, and report to the teaching manager of the class. If you can't solve the problem online, please take notes and wait for the face-to-face teachingafter the students return touniversity.