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PhD Graduate Training Program in Dalian Medical University


1st PART

       PhD Graduate Training Program in Dalian Medical University

According to the [1998] Document No. 1 “On the revision of guidance on postgraduate training program” issued by the National Office of Teaching and Research for the Ministry of Education, and the new disciplines catalogues issued by the State Council of Academic Degree Committee, as well as the “Degree Regulation of People's Republic of China” and in order to further implement the basic guideline of “based on domestics, adapting to the development, optimizing the structure, relatively concentrating, promoting reform and improving the quality”; to promote degree and postgraduate education reform, promote the discipline construction and development, further improve the quality and efficiency of doctoral students training so as to make the degree and postgraduate education better adapt to China's modernization needs and the needs for high-level medical expertise in the new century, we integrate with the actual situation in our university and stipulate “PhD Graduate Training Program in Dalian Medical University (General)” as the fundamental basis for doctoral training plan on Doctor’s Degrees awarding disciplines.


I. Training objectives

Doctoral education is the highest level of China's higher education degree education. Doctoral education must carry out the education policy of the party and the country, and in accordance with the education requirement of “Toward modernization, the world and future-oriented”, the education should insist on quality first and cultivate moral, intellectual, physical expertise with high-level. Doctoral students must meet the following objectives:

1. With a firm and correct political orientation, and strive to grasp the basic principles of Marxism, to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values; to uphold "the Constitution of the PRC", comply with laws and regulations, good conduct, seeking truth from facts and rigorous style of study; with good professional ethics and the spirit of devoting to the motherland's modernization.

2. To master solid theoretical foundation of the disciplines and a broad depth of expertise; familiar with the development direction of the disciplines and research cutting-edge; master at least one foreign language, reaching four level of (listening, speaking, reading and writing); have the ability of independent scientific research; with the help of a scientific or technical expertise to make innovative results; capable of performing the teaching job equivalent to lecturer level.

3. In good health.


II. Period of schooling

Doctoral school years are generally three years. If it is necessary to extend the school years, extension period is generally not more than two years. The training fees for extension period of the training are funded by the doctor themselves. The first semester is mainly for courses studying, other time for dissertation work.


III. Ways of cultivation

Training for Doctoral students focuses on the cultivation of scientific research and their abilities on independent research. Instructors should be based on the regulation of interdisciplinary doctoral training plan and the need of dissertation work to continue learning some of the courses. In the foundation to broaden and deepen the professional knowledge and grasp forefront dynamic of the basic disciplines, it is to foster and establish research capacity of innovation and strict scientific style. The training for doctoral students is to carry out the combination ways of which the instructors are responsible and the guidance teams of doctoral tutors collectively give guidance. Doctoral tutor can according to the subject requirement employ professors in related disciplines and also can absorb numbers of young and middle-aged academic backbone for the composition of a team. It should give full play to the role of the Department of Teaching and Research on Doctoral training work, and to create a good academic environment.

Instructors should be based on the academic requirements of training plan, combine with the PhD foundation and expertise to set up Doctoral training plan at the end of the first semester when the Doctor students entered into the university. The plan should make specific regulations on research direction, curriculum study, dissertations and other requirements and progress.

Mentors should comprehensively concern about the growth of doctoral students, impart knowledge and educate people.


IV. Curriculum and credit requirements

Doctoral course implements credit system, the total credit requirements: at least 28 credits. The courses are divided into public required course and professional basic courses.

Public courses: 3 classes, 8 credits

Modern science &technology revolution and Marxism    3 credits

Oral English and Technology Writing                               4 credits

Second Foreign Language                                                 1 credit

Professional courses: 1 class, 5 credits

Professional basic courses: 2 ~ 3 classes, with 8 to 12 credits. And molecular biology is compulsory course. Professional basic courses should pay attention to comprehensive, cutting-edge and cross-cutting.

 Professional Foreign Language   3 credits

Academic activities (at least publicly gives a lecture on academic report for 2 times) 4 credits, 2 credits/time


V. Scientific research and dissertation

To carry out scientific research, academic papers publishing and the completion of doctoral dissertation work is the main aspect of Doctoral training.

Thesis requirements

Scientific research work and dissertation job for the doctor students should be in accordance with the characteristics of different disciplines, it can be basic research, applied research, and major practical problems and high-tech research in medical field. And it should be as far as possible combine scientific research projects which the doctoral tutors and their doctoral disciplines undertake.

Doctoral dissertation should have a greater theoretical significance or practical value. Various issues involved in the thesis should have a deeper and broad theoretical foundation and expertise; should be able to independently grasp the research methods and skills of the research topics; the Doctor students have creative ideas on research topics and achieve innovative research results.

PhD thesis should have the creativity, progress and a considerable workload. The doctor students should actively participate in scientific research of a higher level and take part in academic activities of the disciplines and related disciplines, as well as international and domestic academic exchanges. Doctoral Thesis requires that the doctor students should at least have one thesis with the main content of doctorate thesis before thesis defense, and the thesis should be the first author and have signature of Dalian Medical University, the thesis should be published in SCI journals or national core journals.

Thesis work

The doctoral dissertation should be independently completed under the guidance of Doctoral mentors. Instructors should be regularly informed of the situation, give the necessary guidance, doctoral students should make full use of conditions of the laboratory equipment to complete dissertation. To expand horizons, enhance academic contacts and academic exchanges, doctoral students can go to the relevant domestic opening-up laboratory or foreign universities to do research work for a period of time. Dissertation should be written in Chinese, and the summary will be written in English and in Chinese. Prior to dissertation finalization, Teaching and Research Department should organize pre-defense, and also may invite peer experts to participate in listening to their views, and seriously modify and supplement, and then print the thesis after the approval of instructors.


VI. Medium-term assessment

In order to ensure the training quality of doctoral students, in accordance with the “PhD graduate mid-term assessment requirements of Dalian Medical University (temporary)", it should conduct a mid-term evaluation for doctoral students. Mid-term evaluation will be carried out in the second academic year. Assessment includes moral ethics and scientific style, courses study, the proficiency of professional foreign language and scientific research capability and so on. Ideological and political performance should be mutually assessed by the instructor and department leaders and guidance team and then they write reviews. Foreign language proficiency examination is a professional foreign language examination. Assessment of professional and theoretical foundation is presided over by the head of Teaching and Research Office, the mentor or lecturers. The examinations adopt a combination of oral and written examination. The examination of basic courses can be taken mainly by closed-book examination, and examination regarding to the forefront of disciplines development or related interdisciplinary knowledge will be conducted by open-book examinations. Examinations for all courses are percentile system.

Mid-term appraisal on the research capability is mainly through the doctorate’s opening report.  The opening report is chaired by the instructors. And the instructor guidance teams, related experts of this discipline will take part in appraisal. The focus of the opening report is to view the depth and breadth of mastering professional knowledge and their research capability. Topic research process will conduct a mid-term appraisal process.

Mid-term examination results is for the suspension of adoption and non-passed. The principal director approves and the Assessment Committee discusses the results. And within six months the director and the Committee will re-examine or terminate doctor students to learn.


VII. Thesis defense and degrees granting

Before the Doctoral thesis defense, they need to fill out the "Application Form for Doctoral Thesis Defense". And the Post-graduate Department will be in accordance with the requirements of training plan to review whether the courses of study credits are 28 credits. Dissertation need to hire three (at least 2 professors are from off-campus) peer professor for review, Review person should be nominated by the instructors and approved by the principal director; it also needs to employ 15 related peer professors inside and outside of university for appraisal (out-of-school professors or experts of not less than 2 / 3). And the review comments should return for at least 10 copies. Review of the thesis to be sent should be the full text of Doctoral thesis; thesis to be sent for review can be as a detailed summary of a doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral dissertation defense committee is formed by seven professors (or equivalent title), including at least 2 ~ 3 off-campus famous professors in this profession. The Defense Committee should the principle of “adhere to standards, strict requirement, ensure quality, and fair and reasonable" approach, Thesis Defense procedures and specific requirements see the relevant requirements of "work implementation regulations of degree granting in Dalian Medical University ".

Applicants for a doctorate degree, through approval of Degree Assessment Committee, will be awarded a doctorate and be listed. If there is no objection in 3 months, graduation certificates and diplomas will be presented. Doctor students who are not agreed by Degree Assessment Committee to award degrees, they will be allowed to complement defense and re-assess after one year, however if they do not pass, no degrees are awarded, and they should be dealt with completion of schooling.

The final power of interpretation for this document belongs to Postgraduate Department.

The training program will be executed from the doctor students of grade 02.


Courses of Physiology PhD

Research directions:

1. Neurophysiological

2. Kidney Physiology

3. Digestive Physiology

4. Cycle Physiological


Public class will be arranged and taught by the Graduate Department, with a total of 8 credits.

Courses: Advanced Physiology      5 credits

Professional foundation courses: Digestive physiology 4 credits

Renal Physiology                               4 credits

Neurophysiological                 4 credits

Molecular Biology (compulsory)   4 credits

Pathology                           4 credits

Physiopathology                  4 credits

Professional Foreign Language     3 credits

Academic Report                   4 credits


Doctoral Curriculum of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research directions:

1. Sugar Molecular Biology

2. Molecular Biology

3. Protein Engineering

4. Biochemistry and Molecular Toxicology

5. Biochemical Pharmacology (Macromolecular Protein Interaction)


Public class will be arranged and taught by the Graduate Department, with a total of 8 credits.

Professional courses: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the latest progress   5 credits

Professional basic course: Reproductive Biochemistry             4 credits

Molecular Biological Function of Dugar        4 credits

Cancer Molecular Biology                  4 credits

Metabolic Regulation                         4 credits

Molecular Biology (Compulsory)        4 credits

Biochemistry and Molecular Toxicology   4 credits

Professional Foreign Language                      3 credits

Academic Report                                         4 credits

Doctoral Curriculum of Pathology and Pathophysiology

Research directions:

1. Experimental tumor

2. Human tumor pathology

3. Digestion pathophysiological

4. Experimental Study of traditional Chinese and western medicine

5. Genetic engineering

6. Major disease genomics

7. Tumor immunity and tumor biological therapy

8. Immune pathophysiological

Public class will be arranged and taught by the Graduate Department, with a total of 8 credits.

Professional courses: Pathology and Pathophysiology                5 credits

Professional basic course: Immunological andTechnological Advances in Immunology 4 credits

Digestive Pathophysiological                     4 credits

Advanced Biochemical                              4 credits

Cancer Study Basics                                  4 credits

Cell Biology                                              4 credits

Molecular Biology (compulsory)              4 credits

Cancer Genetics                                         4 credits

Bioinformatics                                           4 credits

4. Professional Foreign Language:            3 credits

Academic Report:                                      4 credits


Clinical Doctoral Curriculum of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

Research directions:

1. Biliopancreatic surgery for Traditional Chinese and western medicine

2. Urology Cancer Research Study of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

3. Research of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to Combat Critical Care

4. Gastrointestinal surgical oncology research of Traditional Chinese and western medicine

5. Organ transplantation of Chinese and Western medicine combination

6. Cardiovascular Research of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine



Public class will be arranged and taught by the Graduate Department, with a total of 8 credits.

Professional courses: Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine (surgical)  5 credits

Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative

Medicine (internal medicine)               5 credits

The new study of Acute Abdomen                                     5 credits

Cardiology                                                          5 credits

Professional basic course: Basics for Chinese    

and Western Integrative Medicine         4 credits

The new study of Acute Abdomen                                   4 credits

Molecular Biology (Compulsory)                                    4 credits

Professional Foreign Language:                                      3 credits

Academic Report:                                                            4 credits