Yuanshan Fu

Title: Associate Professor
Email: fuyuanshan@163.com
Major: Human Anatomy and Histology

Education/Working Experience

Japan, National institute of Neuroscience

Participation in the Academic Community

Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences

Research Direction

Molecular mechanism of anti-tumor effect of chemotherapeutic drugs

Thesis or Articles Published

①Fu YS,Wang Q, Ma JX, Yang XH, Wu ML, Zhang KL, Kong QY, Chen XY, Sun Y, Chen NN, Shu XH, Li H*, Liu J.CRABP2 methylation: A critical determinant of retinoic acid resistance of medulloblastoma cells.Mol Oncol,Volume 6,1st issue,pp48-61,2012(IF=5.082)

②Chen NN, Li Y, Wu ML, Liu ZL,Fu YS, Kong QY, Chen XY, Li H*, Liu J.CRABP2 and FABP5-independent all-trans retinoic acid resistance in COLO 16 human cutaneous squamous cancer cells.Exp Dermatol,Volume 21,1st issue,pp13-18,2012(IF=4.159)

③Shu XH, Li H, Sun Z, Wu ML, Ma JX, Wang JM, Wang Q, Sun Y,Fu YS, Chen XY, Kong QY, Liu J*.Identification of metabolic pattern and bioactive form of resveratrol in human medulloblastoma cells.Biochem PharmacolVolume 79,10th issue,pp1516-1525,2010(IF=4.889)

④YS Fu,XK Ma,XL Yue and B Wang:Expression of N-methyl-D-aspartic 2A-B and 2B receptors in anterior thalamic nucleus and subiculum complex of rats.Neural Regener Res,volume 8, pp822-825, 2008(SCI)


Human Anatomy