About IEC

Ran Ren

Title: Professor/chief physician
Email: szqdalian@163.com
Major: Global Health

Education/Professional Experience

1982 -1985 Bachelor of Health Administration,Harbing Medical University, P R China

1991-1992Visiting Scholar, Ministry of Health(MoH),P R China

1992 -1993 Master Course of Advanced Health Economics, Shanghai Medical University.

1997 Visiting Scholar, Regional Health Planning and Health Resource Allocation, Public Office in London, UK (February to April).

2001-2002PhD Course: International Health, Karalinska Institute, Sweden

1999 Flagship Program on Health Sector Reform and Sustainable Financing, organized by World Bank Institute, Washington DC, USA. 

1994 (May-June)TrainingProgram on Health Sector Reform,inWorld Bank Institute & School of Public Health, Harvard University,USA. 

1999-2002Former Deputy Dean, School of Health Administration, DMU.

1999-Secretary general, Dalian International MedicalHumanities and Social Medicine Center.

2004-2015Research fellow, Dalian Social Science Institute.

Participation in the Academic Community

Standing Director, Chinese Global Health Association, 2016-2021.

Member of council, Branch of Health Insurance, Chinese Health Economics Association, 2012-2018.

Member of council, Chinese Rural Health Association, 2012-2018.

Member of a council, China Medicine & Philosophy Association,2006-.

Standing director, China Health Administration Association,2009-2016.

Member of an editorial board, The Journal of China Health Economics ,2002-.

Member of an editorial board, The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy,1999-.


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Ren Ran, The Definition and Characteristics of Global Health, Medicine & Philosophy, 2015,36(8):1-3

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Ren Ran, Development and Practices for Integrated Health Care System,Chinese Journal of Health Policy,2012,5(9):17-21

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Ren Ran,The New Direction for Health & Health Reform Internationally: Enhancing The Role of Prevention Care, The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 2010, 31(4):5-8

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Ren Ran, The Basis and Goal Establishing the Universal Coverage Institute of China, The Journal of China Health Economics, 2008, 27(2):17-20

Research Projects/Grants

Research person in charge, Global Maternal and Children Health,2015-

Project Leader, Influence FactorsforAccess & Health ofMigrates, funding from WHO.

Project Leader, Development and strategy for China health security system, supported by WHO, DFID and MoH of China.

Project leader (cooperated),The Strategic Study on Key Issues affecting the Development of Village Doctors (2009-), cooperated with Health Human Resources Development Center, Ministry of Health, supported by AusAID.

Project Leader,Project on Resource allocation methods for Public health in rural China, UNICEF and MoH Project, 2001-2002.

National Project Expert,Project on Primary Health Care Management, and Pilot study on Rational Use of Drug, supported by UNICEF & MoH, 1999-2002.

National Health Policy Advisor,Strengthening Policy Development for Regional Health Planning and Rural Health, Project of AusAID,2001-2002.

National Expert onRegional Health Planning and Health Resource Allocation, participated national and provincial projects and advise activities related, and undertaken training courses, 1996-2002

Admission Plan/Requirements

Admission Plan:1-2 each year

Good research foundation and passion, willing to contribute to global health and health system improvement