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Yang Wang

Title: Professor
Email: Young.wy@gmail.com
Major: Cell Biology

    Education/Working Experience

    1996-2001  Dalian Medical University Bachelor

    2001-2004  Dalian Medical University Master

    2004-2007  Chinese Academy of medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College Ph.D

    2007-2011 University of North Carolina, US Postdoc

    2011-2013 University of North Carolina, US Research Assistant Professor

    2013-  Dalian Medical University Professor





    1.Yang Wang*,Zefeng Wang,Efficient backsplicing produces translatable circular mRNAs.,RNA,2015,21(2):172-179. (SCI, IF=4.622)
2.Yang Wang*,Dan Chen,Haili Qian,Yihsuan Tsai,Shujuan Shao,Quentin Liu,Daniel Dominguez,Zefeng Wang(*),The Splicing Factor RBM4 Controls Apoptosis, Proliferation, and Migration to Suppress Tumor Progression.,Cancer Cell,2014,26(3):374-389.(SCI, IF=23.893)

    3. Yang Wang* and Zefeng Wang*. Systematical identification of splicing regulatory cis-elements and cognate trans-factors. Methods. 2013 (In Press) (SCI, IF=4.5) (* Correspondence author)

    4. Yang Wang, Zefeng Wang and Traci Hall. Engineered proteins with PUF scaffold to manipulate RNA metabolism. FEBS Journal. 2013 280 (16):3755-67.( SCI,IF=3.8)(Invited review, Cover article)

    5. Yang Wang, Xinshu Xiao, et. al. A Complex Network of Factors with Overlapping Affinities Control Splicing Repression by Intronic Elements. Nature Structural Molecular Biology. 2013 Jan; 20(1):36-45 (SCI, IF=13.69)

    6. Yang Wang, Meng Ma, Xinshu Xiao, et.al. Intronic Splicing Enhancers, Cognate Splicing Factors and Context Dependent Regulation Rules. Nature Structural Molecular Biology. 2012 Oct; 19(10):1044-52 (SCI, IF=13.69)


    Research Projects/Grants

    1. National Natural Science Foundation--Outstanding Youth Foundation, 2015-2017

    2. The mechanism of RNA splicing regulation by splicing factor RBM4 and its role in tumorigenesis”, General Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2015-2018

    3. “Mechanistic study of the reduction of RBM4 in cancer and its role in regulating the oncogenic SRSF1”, Newton Advanced Fellowship, 2015-2018

    4. “The mechanistic study of the biogenesis and regulation of circular RNA using mini-gene reporter system”, Training Program of the Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016-2018


    Admission Plan/Requirements

    One Ph.D. student per year.

    Candidates should be fluent in English, preferably with good bench skills.