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Stomatology (BDS )


Program Reviews

The BDS program in English medium started in 2009.

The duration of the program is 5 years, including 1 year internship.

All teaching faculty are local teachers with rich experience and abroad study or teaching experience.


The applicant should be between 18-35 years old,mental and physical healthy, has completed the senior high school course with good marks, satisfied with the following marks requirement, has solid financial support to afford the study and living expenses in China. Chemistry, physics, biology, English are compulsory subjects, maths is a reference subject for admission evaluation.



Admission mark

Above 660
>70%,or Neet>250
Higher secondary certificate
Upper secondary
Sri Lanka
A Level
C above (include C)
A level
>70%, or C above (not include C)
African countries
Higher secondary
Program Highlights

1. Few of universities which open English medium BDS program in China.

2. Small size class with 30 students maximum.

Program Description

1. Training goal

The objective of training is enable the students to obtain solid knowledge of basic medicine, normative clinical skills, excellent professional quality, and be able to have an effective international medical practice under the guidance of superior doctor; become the independent international practitioners with certain international competitiveness and can constantly improve their knowledge and skills and adapt to the international medical talent market demand through after-college education and vocational training; be friendly to China, have basic Chinese language communication ability and have a glimpse of Chinese culture.

2. Training requirements

Students should have the following knowledge, ability and caliber that meet the requirements of the quality control standard for medical undergraduate education (teaching in English) of China for international students.

(1) Good professional ethics and attainment.

(2) Mastering the basic knowledge and scientific techniques of natural science and social science.

(3) Mastering the basic theory, knowledge and skills in Basic Medicine and Clinical Medicine; being able to use knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of common or frequently-occurring diseases; having certain preventive medicine knowledge.

(4) Basic theory and skills in identification & classification of human disease.

(5) Basic ability to diagnose and treat emergency, difficult and severe diseases.

(6) Basic knowledge in Oral Medicine.

(7) Basic knowledge and skills in Forensic Medicine.

(8) Preliminary understanding on international health care and policy.

(9) Grasping and using Basic Chinese and Medical Chinese and knowing about China.

3. Educational system and basic framework of teaching plan

6-year standard schooling system and credit system management. The longest length of schooling is 8 years (span of suspension of schooling is included into the studying .Teaching plan sets184credits for compulsory courses. In the compulsory courses, there are 48(4...

About Tuition

Tuition fee is 45000 RMB per year.

Application Materials

How to apply?

1. LOG on http://dmu.17gz.org, create your account, activate your email

2. FILL online application step by step, upload the required documents, and submit it.

3. CHECK your email to get the notice from school, generally it will take 10 working days.

4. DO the interview with the admission officer when it is required.

5. PAY the full tuition and application fee to school account once you get LOA, email receipt to studyatdmu@aliyun.com to confirm.

(Note: Students for spring session have to complete transaction before end of December, in case the time is not enough to get visa due to Chinese Spring Festival!)

6. SCHOOL issues admission letter and visa form after acknowledging the money and mail the package by EMS or FEDEX.