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International students' enrollment education


Series activities for international students' enrollment education: library training

In order to let international students better understand and use library resources, on March 29, the International Education College organized over 150 international students to participate in the library's training about how to use the paper and digital resources.

Firstly, Zhao Yunyan, director of the library document search and teaching department, gave a detailed speech to introduce the digital resources, including the type, quantity, characteristics of collections, and how to use electronic database resources. After Ms.Zhao’s training, students have a better understanding of the digital resources in the library. Hope the students can fully leverage these resources to achieve their medical career.

After that, the library arranged student staff to teach international students how to make an appointment for the seat, how to borrow and return books as well as some other functions of the library.

After this training, international students are fully familiar with the paper and digital resources of the library and better understand how to use the various functions of our library. All students said they would enjoy the study time in the library and let the library witness the progress of their academic studies and record their years of knowledge.