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One Commendation Letter


One Commendation Letter

—Returning Money Found Warms Heart, Lei Feng Spirit Inherited Forever

On March 23, 2023, our school received a commendation letter from the school library, which reads as follows: On March 9, 2023, MOTAMEDIAN MARYAM (Student ID 312120201061), an international student in your college, found 100 RMB in the book when she checked out the book. Upon seeing this, she immediately handed the book and cash to the teacher at the general return desk of the library for handling. Mayam's behavior of picking up the money shows the noble quality and good moral sentiment of contemporary college students in Dalian Medical University. Our school would like to commend Mayam and thank the teachers from International Education College for their hard work in teaching students.

It turns out that two students made the decision together. Besides Mayam, another student named SALMAN SUKAINAH GHAZI EBRAHIM(Student ID 312120201040), who is also a BDS major student from Class of 2021. In the name of Lei Feng, they use practical actions to convey the kindness and beauty of returning money found and willingness to help others, which makes Lei Feng spirit bloom more brilliant light.