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Warmly Reminding Notice for Backing to School


Warmly Reminding Notice for

Backing to School

Dear Students:

Hope all of you do have a wonderful 2022 winter holiday, with 2023 Spring semester coming, there are some key points may need your special attention:

1.Back to School and Back to Class Timelines:

Back to School (Students in other cities of China): 2023/2/25-2023/2/26

New Semester Term: 2023/2/27

Back to Class: 2023/3/6

2.Back to School Requirements:

1)For any students who live off campus in China during holiday:

One week before returning to school, all of you will be comprehensively organized to conduct daily health self-test and report. Meanwhile, in the first week after returning to school, there will be self-health assessment and monitoring also. If anyone has the symptoms such as fever, dry cough or sore throat occur before the week you plan back to school, shall report to tutor teacher in time and delay back until recover. But if you have above symptoms after back school, should notify tutor teacher, after diagnosis, school will transfer the infected student to school health stations or off-campus hospitals for health monitoring and appropriate treatment.

2)For any students who back to school from abroad:

Once land in Dalian, need make your own way to the school. After arriving at school, students should directly go back to your apartment according to the dorm information notified by the tutor teacher and carry out self-health monitoring for 3 days. During the monitoring period, do not have food in canteen but by take-out delivery instead, do not go to the indoor public space, do not gather, and ensure participate in the school nucleic acid test twice in 3 days on time. If the results are negative, the monitoring will be removed on the fourth day. If the result is positive, for any asymptomatic infected persons or mild cases without serious underlying diseases, school will arrange a single room for isolation treatment, and will remove the quarantine after self-testing antigen becomes negative.

3.Health Tips :

1)Establish a solid foundation and consciously practice the concept of "Health Priority", be the first person responsible for own health. One week before returning to school, all students need carry out a daily health monitoring.

2)On the way back to school, should take good personal protection.Pay attention to traffic safety, and try best to follow "two points and one line" between home and university.

3)Minimize communication with other people on public transport, and avoid gathering.

4)Do a good job of hand hygiene. Avoid touching doorknobs, elevator buttons and other public facilities directly. Wash hands in time after touching them or wipe them with quick-drying hand disinfectant.

5)On the way back to school and after entering the school focus on preventing telecom fraud.

6)When entering the school gate, all should properly wear masks, queue up in an orderly manner, and cooperate in identity verification and temperature measurement.

7)After entering the school, do a good job in daily health monitoring, strengthen self-health management, and report symptoms in time.

Finally, please do take care and keep safety during the journey back to school, hope everything goes well for you, cannot wait to see all of you in new semester!