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Inherit the Spirit of Lei Feng , Build Beautiful Campus


Inherit the Spirit of Lei Feng ,Build Beautiful Campus

—IEC Carried out Learn from Lei Feng, Start from Self Cleaning Activity

On March 1, 2023, to inherit the spirit of Lei Feng, School Youth League Committee united with Party organization and labor union carry out a voluntary service activity to clean up the beach garbage and build a beautiful campus. In the activity, all the teachers and international student representatives from International Education College carry out the spirit of Lei Feng, keep eyes staring at the beach to search and clean every little garbage. Along the way, teachers and students bend over to pick up and clean the sharp debris such as gravel and broken glass bottles, household waste, paper towels, fruit peels, food bags and other garbage on the shallows and the walkway to make Ping Tan beach cleaner.

This activity makes everyone know more and understand deeper about the spirit of Lei Feng, and aware it is the everyone’s responsibility and obligation to clean beach and care the campus. International students who participated in this activity said that such group activities were not only full of fun, but also meaningful, which helped them further understand the spirit of Lei Feng, and made them have a more comprehensive understanding of the connotation and meaning of "helping others" and "selfless dedication" in Chinese culture. They said they would take this activity as a starting point, learn from Lei Feng, become the inheritors of the spirit of Lei Feng, protect the environment, love the campus, start from the little things around, start from self.