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Enter the Lvshun Museum, Feel the Dragon Boat Festival


Museum is one important hall for the protection and inheritance of human civilization, as well as important carrier for the experience and inheritance activities with traditional festivals. On June 20, 2023, in order to better explore and inherit the cultural connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival and let international students to deeply experience the excellent traditional Chinese culture, International Education College organized 25 international students from 7 countries to come to the Lvshun Museum which is the practice base of Chinese traditional culture education of International Education College , jointly held a cultural activity of Walking into the Lvshun Museum and Feeling the Dragon Boat Festival.

Entering the Lvshun Museum, under the detailed introduction of the commentator, the international students deeply understand the history behind the ancient Chinese stone, bronze, pottery, jade and other precious cultural relics, looking back from the long river of years, feel the experience of Lvshun and the development of the history of the Chinese nation. Afterwards, the commentator introduced the historical origin of the Dragon Boat Festival to the international students, as well as the historical memory and spiritual connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students learned how to make colorful zongzi pendants. The students carefully stared at the teacher's hand, then the teacher fold a rectangular paper, as if magic, soon a beautiful zongzi pendant was completed and shown on hand. Next, the students also made colorful zongzi pendants by themselves.

Enter the museum, perceive the broad and profound Chinese culture; Make zongzi pendants and enjoy yourself in the traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival. Through this activity, the international students not only further understand the long history of Chinese culture, but also feel the strong festival atmosphere and the warmth from the school.