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Online Tutoring Lecture on HSK for International Students Held By IEC


On the afternoon of January 31st, internationaleducationcollege organized an online tutoring lecture onHSK for international students. The lecture was given by teacher Qi Jifrom the Chinese teaching and researchoffice with the active participation of relevant international students.

The lecture mainly focused on the core elements of theHSK, such as the classification, themode, the choice ofreference books and the test skills. It aimed to improve theHSKpassing rate and lay the foundation for spreading the voice of China, telling Chinese stories and breaking through the language barriers.

According to the requirements of the latest documents issued by the Ministry ofEducation and other higher authorities, there are clear regulations on the admission of all kinds ofinternational students and their Chinese proficiency at graduation. Following the general policy, IEC has adjusted its teaching plan in a timely manner to furtherclarify theimportance of Chineselanguage in the education ofinternational students. Especially during the epidemic, the majority of international students are unable to enterChinaand the Chinese language learning environment is far behind that at school. The college actively makes up for it by increasing online tutoring lectures, online teaching hours, and organizing a variety of Chinese language and culture activities, so as to ensure the effectiveness of Chinese teaching in the period of onlineeducation. This activity is also one of the winter vacation activities for international students in ourcollege.